A Guide on Promoting Research Work for Greater Impact


Tips on How to Promote Your Research

Your work as a researcher does not end with the completion of the study. You would want it to be more visible in order for it to have a better effect on its intended audience. This is why you need to take steps to getting its discoverability optimised. The internet is a great place to ensure that you will have a better citation, visibility, and overall impact.

It can be a challenge especially for those who still have not established a name in the academic field. Read on and learn about some effective online and social media tools that you can use to help boost your research profile.

Prepare for publication

You will want to choose the right outlet for publication in which your work is going to appear. You want to disseminate your research while targeting those journals that are relevant to the kid of work that you do. Also, make sure to have a concise and clear abstract. Use words that can be easily used by readers in associating with your research when explaining your work and what the key findings are.

Promote your research

You will need to disseminate information about the research publication as well as other outputs related to it. You need to promote your research output including the articles, case studies, images, as well as books that are related to it. You want them to be easily discoverable by parties that may be interested to comment on it, cite it, or write about it. Considering how you have to put months, even years to get your research work done, it makes sense that you will want it to be seen and read by a wider audience.

You can choose to have your research added to online repositories. You can have it promoted on websites and other social media channels. You can even promote it in conferences. News releases are also effective in raising more attention to it.

Monitor how things are going

You will also want to keep track of the output of your research. Once you have made the necessary steps to promote it, keep an eye on how the interventions you have taken have affected the reach and discoverability of your work.

Track the citations that it has been getting as well. Take advantage of other alternative metrics too, especially those that can be used to see if your work has been picked up in other mediums such as news outlets, social media platforms, blogs, and others. You also have the choice to decide which of these tools are going to be most effective when you are going to start on a different work next time. The results can also be used for your report with regards to the overall impact of your work to your funders.

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